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The Mobile Opportunity

The digital customer interaction is moving towards mobile very fast. 24 hrs per day a mobile phone is in the customers’ close personal space.

Consumers want information and entertainment. In doors or outdoors, in shops, with objects in the street or in printed media, everywhere, immediately and with their mobile.

How do you as marketer make the optimal connection between offline and online mobile media?

How to bring your mobile customer experience to a higher level, create value for your brand and generate more sales?

Exactly, with Augmented Reality!

Augmented reality allows brands to create highly engaging experiences resulting in minutes of exclusive “dwell” time between the user and a brand. This is incomparable to any kind of advertising. All user interactions are traceable with statistics making ROI very tangible.

AR4REAL answers those questions and more!

Who are we?


We are AR4REAL and we bring Augmented Reality in action!

AR4REAL increases your brand experience by creating unique and lasting user experiences with custom-built mobile customer interactions for brands.

AR4REAL offers an integral broadening of your off- and online strategy. It enlarges customer experience and sales in a surprising way including the WAUW-factor!

AR4REAL is a 2016 start-up by Jan Hendrik Krijnen MsC.


Passionate marketer with a true love for sales. Broad creative online marketing experience within the Automotive, Retail and Leisure industries. B2B and B2C. Has been involved with successful small and large scale digital mobile transition processes at multinationals. Experienced people manager in an international multicultural setting. Knows how to achieve the objectives with teams from different disciplines. Creatively connects the offline and online customer interaction. Strong in strategy and operation. Eye for detail and quality.

Products & Concepts

Augmented Retail

Augmented Reality can play and important role in retail as well. We predict that this will be one the key drivers for growth in retail for the future. Connecting e-commerce and physical stores and combining it with the fun and entertainment of AR and you get a recipe for succes. Get the excitement of a flagship store in every shopping street or shop!

Retail case Beethovenstraat Amsterdam:

AR4REAL is together with University of Amsterdam partner of the Shopping Street innovation Lab in which new retail technologies are being tested. During the busy December month AR4REAL organized a “Santa Treasure Hunt” in the Beethovenstraat. 5 Santa’s were hidden in the street and once all 5 were found you could choose a price with the voucher in one of the participating shops.



Augmented Product Promotions

Augmented Product Promotions can be activated during campaigns, fairs and events. The more time users spend in AR, called “dwell time”, the more time they spend with the brand and increasing their engagement. During the AR animations imagine users spending minutes exclusively with your brand, this is very very valuable!

Case motorcycle brand: from show to online with AR.

Show visitors would get a small printed card as marker to take the “highlight show bike” home in AR. Including “Engine Start” and button to see the video.


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Case: loyalty program for super market chain: object based AR

Here we developed a concept as part of a loyalty program for a large supermarket chain in Eastern Europe. When parents bought groceries, their kids would get flow packs with collectables. These collectables could be activated with different kind of AR animations and minigames. The more parents would buy, the more collectables the kids could save, the more AR content they could unlock.

GPS Based Augmented Reality

Recently we have developed a new product that is very useful in outdoor situations. If you want to explain or share information on specific spot: unlock the past or even the future. The App delivers Augmented Reality animations based on GPS locations.


See for more information here: GPS location based AR


Talking to clients we many times hear: ” oh yes, AR …. we should do something with that !” followed by: ” what can we do with AR?” This is very common for new technologies!

Find out more about our consultancy here: Consultancy

Our Technology


Our working procedure

We work quickly and with results!

An Augmented Reality activation can already move from concept to online in 15 working days.

Using Agile and Design Thinking principles we get to results fast in the least amount of time.

We do this in three steps:

1. Discovery and Concept phase.

Here we identify the possibilities, determine the creative concept and technical feasibility, objectives, strategy and we decide on relevant Key Performance Indicators.

2. Production phase.

This is the moment when we build the creative design and user experience. We will have frequently customer feedback moments to make sure we get what we want.

3. Delivery phase.

During delivery we will have final testing rounds to make sure all is according specifications and expectations!

Once we are Augmented reality animations are “live” all user interaction data are tracked, logged and reported with all Key Performance Indicators.

Thanks to the user interaction data with know for 100% what is going on with the project and it’s ROI.


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