Bias Buster

You are biased, we are biased, everybody is. 

In a world where we want a more inclusive culture, it is essential to act upon those biases. 

To get that inclusiveness, we need to change our behavior. This can only be done by a series of encounters and learnings for all employees in a short time period. That can be very costly for large companies and organizations.

That’s why we created our Bias Buster

How does it work?

Players walk with their mobile in an augmented virtual environment in which they open doors to office situations which test their biases. Under time pressure, they have to make choices resulting in a Bias Score.

Meet our 3-D recorded humans 

To create real live bias encounters with people in a virtual world, we are using a revolutionary new technology: Volumetric Capturing. Now you can encounter real people in any kind of office situation.

On any mobile device

As we are using Augmented Reality technology the App can run on Apple and Google devices, can easily be distributed to a large volume of devices so players can work on their skills from any location.

Want to know more?

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